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Next generation, mobile first, marketplace for the sharing economy

BetterBrand is the first Enterprise Resource Marketplace (ERM) solution that enables organizations to optimize their worldwide business workflows

Sharing economy meets enterprise

The advent of disruptive mobile and social technologies has upended the consumer landscape. The sharing economy is already here; your supermarket cashier by day is your driver by night. BetterBrand provides enterprises with the full benefits of the sharing economy marketplace and ecosystem with the needs of corporate organizations in mind.


Accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, BetterBrand makes it easy to fully optimize workflows, no matter where your business takes place.

Real Time

By leveraging powerful mobile technologies like geo-location and ongoing internet the platform provides clear ROI by offering data-driven operational decision making capabilities.

Resource Optimization

Providing A to Z optimization capabilities such as logistics, transportation, resource and workforce mobilization, bartering with high flexibility to quickly answer needs for additional services and resources.

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Product Features About the Company

Enterprise grade sharing economy at the tip of your fingers

Mobile phones are changing the world; not only as a communication platform, but also by disrupting existing resource planning solutions. Around the globe, millennials have grown accustomed to doing almost everything on their mobile phones. In the US, new solutions offer users the ability to transfer money from one-to-another without the use of credit cards or bank accounts. With 75% of the world population already mobile users, (projected to exceed 90% by 2020) mobile first sharing economy solutions are already revolutionizing the industry.

BetterBrand offers a white label enterprise sharing economy solution:

  • BetterBrand Marketplace - A white label platform, app and drop-in that makes it easy for any new or existing business to set up a customized, service or product marketplace with an end-to-end resource optimization and sharing economy platform optimized for the mobile era.
  • BetterBrand SDK - Enables app developers to easily integrate sharing economy capabilities as well as additional features-such as secure chat, content feeds, geo discovery and more - directly into an existing web or mobile application.

Tailor BetterBrand to your needs

BetterBrand provides a white-label solution which can be tailored to your specific branding needs as well as your business workflows. Whatever their specific needs may be, BetterBrand provides the flexibility for customers to choose their preferred method of implementation.
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Feel free to contact us and find more about how BetterBrand will work for your organization.